Digital Landscape in 2016

  • How is the behavior of users changing in the cyber ecosystem?

In the era of digital globalization, the user is at the heart of every marketing action and online communications. In this time of increasing success of a cross-platform use of the Internet, it is crucial to understand what the relationship between consumption, new audience and tech devices is. And above all, what effect on online advertising and business opportunities are emerging on the digital landscape.

The report "Global Digital Future" edition 2016, published recently by comScore, gives us a broad overview of the evolution of the digital user behavior 40 countries worldwide.

You cannot miss the acknowledgement that the consumption of digital content is increasingly taking place through a mix of platforms, trend that has led to a change in the use of Internet throughout the day. It is interesting to observe that time spent online from smartphones and tablets generate morning and evening peaks, while desktop consumption shows no significant changes in any part of the day. Note that even the use of different categories of content largely depends on the device used and the time slot. For example, mobile news consumption presents a stable trend over the 24 hours, while users prefer to relax with some online shopping on larger screens (tablet) in the early-evening period.

Another remarkable fact is the steady growth all around the world in the use of certain online content from the desktop only. The massive spread of tablets and smartphones should not make us think of a desktop downfall, its audience remained stable and increased by 4% globally. It would be better to speak of an evolution of the use of desktop platforms: it emerged that users spend more time surfing the net from desktop for certain types of content such as business and finance (+ 18%), travel (38%) and retail (+ 27%).

However, the tendency to use a mix of platforms is uneven if we look at data on the demographics and content categories. Who aims to attract the attention of the youngest (18-24 years) ought to consider that they are mainly mobile-only users: 13% uses smartphone compared to 7% of the overall average. The time spent on desktop is directly proportional to the age; In fact, 26% of users who are older than 55 mainly surf the net from pc. The largest share of cross-platform users is between 25 and 54 years of age. Therefore, it is essential for advertisers to adopt a multi-platform and cross-channel approach to their marketing strategies, considering the age group of their audience and simultaneously the topics covered. The shift from mobile to desktop opens to new audiences and an increase in time spent on the Internet. In other words, it provides with an opportunity for advertisers who are willing to reach different targets developing tailored advertising strategies.

Highly topical is the analysis on video consumption. Data resulting from the intersection between demographics and video views are heterogeneous as well: although there is a general increase in mobile video use (+ 16%), the data show that younger audiences watch more videos from the desktop and preferably short, but they are not among those who like watching video ads. More mature audience not only display video longer but also video advertising, which for this category of users are a good monetization opportunities especially within online newspapers. In the US, users who surf news websites spend more than 10% of their time on this type of advertising content.

Therefore, in this digital landscape to plan strategies that are able to ride the wave of change observation systematic and constant listening to the target audience are part of the rules of the game; equally important it is to have an eye on the events in the channels and the most widely used platforms.

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