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Digital Coupon

  • A growing phenomenon, that is destined to be an inseparable companion to all consumers.

It is an efficient marketing tool that is used to promote a sale through a special promotional code created tailor-made and sent to potential clients.

When the coupon is received, for the consumer is enough go to the point of sale and show the promotional code to have access to the discount  reserved to him. Usually the digital coupon is tied to specific products and, sometimes, it is necessary a minimal buying.

To enhance the coupon there is the date of maturity and the impossibility to use the promotional code more than once.

Against the modern difficult economic situation; the digital coupon presents itself to the client as the key to obtain the desired product at advantageous price, it is a tool that allows the consumer to reach the quality for an inferior value that we are not got used to.

Despite of the traditional papery coupon, available in magazines, newspaper, leaflets… the digital coupon can take advantage from the help of web, thanks to it, the client has the possibility to find sales on a large choice of products and points of sale.

Usually to have access to the different promotions, we have to sign up on a web site, declare our profile data, preferences and tastes to obtain an efficient communication with the company.

A digital coupon can be personal;  it can be used only by a user. Thanks to the diffusion of the Web 2.0 it is possible to use the famous phenomenon called “Viral Effect” that permits the user to publicize the promotion and involve friends and family and reach another discount for other products.

According to the experts, the access to the different promotional codes is almost exclusively on digital level; the use of different Mobile devices permits to all consumers to consult the different offers from their smartphones and tablets.

It is important that the companies start to inform themselves on this new market possibility, because the consumers will never stop to search promotions and discount of their favorite products.

The possibility to offer digital coupon, is an efficient method to build up long-term confidence with the clients.

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