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  • Digital and eCommerce development in Italy and on global level with a focus on specific sectors.

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Digital and e-commerce are expanding in all sectors both on national and global scale, even considering the   complexity of the traditional business models adaptation to a omnichannel approach.

Some data relating to the current year can express the phenomenon of digital commerce: the 95% of e-users has made at least one purchase online, more specifically, in Italy there is a remarkable growth in e-commerce guaranteed by an increase of 16% compared to the last year.

Considering the period of the Black Week, there is also a further traffic’s growth: more specifically there is an increase in online purchasing intentions (+ 25%), compared to the last year.

This year in Italy have been spent 27.4 billion euros, divided between the sale of services and of products: as reported by the Nielsen Connected Commerce Report 2018, the largest area of online shopping is the categories as travel, books and fashion.

In more detail, the sectors of furniture, electronics, travel, home care, packaged food and food delivery and fashion are growing. The value of online sales related to the last sector grows by 20% reaching the amount of 3 billion euros.

The fashion industry shows a recovery on global level: a growth is expected in 2019, though lesser than this year’s one.

Particularly the luxury market, the North American area and the emerging Asian players are the protagonists of an performance’s increase: McKinsey specifies a prediction about the country of the Dragon, maintaining that China could become the largest global fashion market.

Digital approach, development of e-commerce activity, transparency, sustainability, adaptability and change’s inclination are the strong points for the operators of the sector. It is important to know how to use the new market dynamics to reach the target, aiming for the promising one of the new generations.

It is important to highlight that online commerce is an opportunity for the companies. It can improve the performance in the market: customer focus and think digital become  key factors. Many resources as possible  should be allocated in those fields, experimenting with new methods of approaching  target audience.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting