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  • The 2019 Digital Trends report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe fpr the ninth year running, is based on a global survey.

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Based on the all continents, the research looks at the most significant digital-related trends that are driving marketing and customer experience strategies in the short to medium term, with a focus on understanding what companies are prioritising and what they regard as the greatest challenges. Most relevant thems are the concept of customer experience and artificial intelligence.

“Data is the new everything” is the slogan of the entire survey: most dominant theme emerging from this year’s research is the importance of customer data, and the greater levels of urgency that are apparent when it comes ti harnessing data for commercial gain. Tackling thi iussue of data control requires a focus on making sure that data is not wasted, by ensuring data is “democratised” and freed from departemental silos or closed solutions.

While customer experience is widely recognised as crucial for commercial success, the research suggests that organisations are struggling to translate this conceptual understanding into an operational reality. Too many companies are failing to seize the initiative, as is evidenced by global survey of business professionals completed by thousands of respondents in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions.

 Improving data control is a complex and multi-faced challenge. More than a quarter (28%) of marketers cite the difficulties of personalising customer experience without violating consumer privacy. Buti f an organisation aspires to be a leader in exploting customer data, the nit must also ensure it is a pace-setter when it comes to looking after it, meanign that best practice becomes an opportunity. Indeed, for those compaies with advaced CX maturity, consumer data protection is very much an opportunityu, with more than half (52%) of CX leaders seeing a “positive impact”, compared to only 8% who see a “negative impact”. Data also needs to be democratised, accesible to the wider business and not just the preserve of analsts and data scientists.

At last, another rilevant theme is artifical intelligence (AI). A growing interest in AI is evidence in the report which shows a 50% increase since last year (2018) in the proportion of larger organisations, up from 24% to 36%. Artificial intelligence and customer experience put together to make a great customer journey. Companies leaders said that AI help a lot the process of personalitation of data customer, semplyfing the acquisition processes with correct Privacy Act.

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