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  • Analysis of the state of the world of Digital Advertising in Italy

Is taking place these days, 29 and 30 November 2016 at MiCo - Milano Congressi, the fourteenth edition of IAB Forum, one of the most important events related to the world of digital communication. Also this year we are confronted on stage several active players in the advertising market that provided interesting ideas and reflections on market trends and new opportunities for experimentation that characterized the current year and beyond: one year, 2016, which was marked by the rise of video and mobile. Also in 2016, the digital advertising recorded a positive growth with a + 9% reaching 2.36 billion euro advertising revenue.

In the first half of 2016 it is recorded, respectively, an increase of + 13% in Europe and + 19% in the United States. The growth rate, albeit positive, is lower than expected earlier this year and to that extent the scope for improvement is still large. What has characterized the market is significant growth in the television advertising market that covers 50% of the investments. Another factor to note is that the market is dominated by two big players like Facebook and Google that cover 68% of online advertising investments.

Is taking place these days, and 29 The internet advertising is driven by display advertising that is worth more than 1.3 billion euro and increased by 9% compared to 2015. Taking a deeper analysis we can see that the percentage of ' use of banner is down 4% while investment in video equipment grew by 38%.

The search advertising maintains its growth of + 6% between light and shadow as it remains the hard core in the digital schedules. The classified advertising, understood as the buying and selling ads, an increase of 16% compared to 2015. The component which instead reported the highest rate of growth is the native advertising with an increase of + 76% over last year. In last place ranks email marketing recorded growth, albeit minimal, of + 6%.

The internet fruition scenery updated in September 2016, also provides us with important data to understand which direction is heading the digital market audience and from what device users are more targeted. In Italy, the Internet is available for 88% of the population between 11 and 74 years 42.2 million Italians who have the ability to access the network via any device. The Internet use by Mobile recorded an increase of 35.3% in two years signal that more and more Italians use of mobile devices to access the network, even if you do not give up altogether the use of PCs for navigation are in fact 20.8 million users in the month from PC and mobile.

The use of mobile internet reaches evenly all levels of the population over the last year such as the use by Mobile grew by + 79.6% among those over 55 and + 40.7% in the South and islands which resulted in a large increase in mobile surfing.

In light of these data, the future of digital advertising is characterized by a number of challenges that the various actors are facing. First, the face of an increasing mobile use opens up new possibilities with regard to the user experience of the consumer must be put at the center of experience "interactive." Each user needs to get in touch with content that interests and custom that are engaging and stimulating for its navigation. L 'company, in so doing, must be sure to use the best tools to obtain a correct measurement is at a stage of pre and post communication flow.

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