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  • On October 26th was held an event marked CUOA Business School on two very current and important issues, Cyber Risk and Cyber Security.

Abstract: << Technology creates innovation, but at the same time risks and disasters >>. Nowadays companies are increasingly operating in a new environment, "cyber space", in which there are both IT risks and opportunities in order to respond to attacks on technological systems.

Cyber risk is a real threat to a company and of course it should be understood as a phenomenon from which to defend themselves as it is characterized by hidden dangers and ability to generate substantial economic consequences to the detriment of the affected companies.

For example, it is current news the Yahoo hacker attack in which the keys of access to half a billion users were stolen.

In general, many companies have claimed not to be prepared to cyber risk but, on the other hand, they are not likely to support a high level of cost to educate the different resources to defend themselves from problems arising from this phenomenon.

Focusing on the theme outlined above it is useful to say that 7 companies out of 10 are not really covered by computer attacks and that 750 billion Euro are the estimate cost connected to cybercrime. Perhaps it can also scare the fact that, in Europe, consumers, who have been cheated online, are on average 10% and 1 company out of 6 underwent an attack in the last 12 months without considering that due to this phenomenon about 150,000 have been lost in Europe.

In defense of the various companies, it has always promoted more cyber security which aims to protect businesses through information/prevention, detection and response to attacks resulting from cyber space. It is therefore possible to say that this form of protection is to be understood as a process and not as a technological solution.

As regards the cyber security it is useful to highlight different data. On issues of disinformation emerged that 33% of companies claim that the responsibility for ensuring data security is not clear, that 20% of companies have insufficient budget to allocate to the IT security issues and that, to date, 60% companies have no plans to take out an insurance policy.

To take the first steps in the field of cyber security, traffic analysis should be put in place, but one of the defense systems could be simply "personalization", to put into practice this technique inevitably creates a defense to cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, there are many companies that have decided to adopt processes related to cyber security fact, 16.3% of them have a Chief Information Security Officer, have adopted cyber policies and provided the entire staff with training on information systems security.

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