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Cookie Privacy Law

  • Today was presented the cookie law implementation kit by which will ensure enhanced user rights on the Internet

Trade associations of the industry, digital publishing, digital advertising and eCommerce have presented today, at the presence of the Privacy Authority, the cookie law implementation kit who made ahead of the June 2, the date of entry into force of the law. With the instructions provided in this kit, not only will help companies to properly follow the provisions of the guarantor but will also strengthened the rights of Internet users.

The issue of privacy is very felt by users, as demonstrated by the study commissioned by the organizations behind the kit and made from Doxa Marketing Advice. Users in fact turn out to be aware about the issue of consent and the protection of privacy (72% are aware that may require to any company the cancellation of their data and the 64% who can inspect their data). In many cases, however, it is paid little attention to the content informative notes (33% of users do not read information notes on privacy), in most cases because of their length.

Through the implementation of the instructions provided in the implementation kit, users will be properly informed on the purposes and characteristics of the cookie that will be installed. These guidelines have been made keeping in mind also the various issues raised by the Doxa research (92% of users are aware that the personal data allow customization of commercial companies). Users can then decide consciously consent on the use and the installation of cookies.

Associations that have promoted this kit represent a large number of companies operating in the online market. As the internet is increasingly confirming an instrument of vital importance from an economic point of view, the goal of these associations, in accordance with the Privacy Authority, is to continue to develop the digital ecosystem in total respect rules to operators also in terms of privacy protection.

This kit is therefore a valuable aid for all companies especially those that deal with information, online adveritsing and eCommerce. The cookie law in fact will be applied to all sites, including those responsive, and their navigation from any terminal / device used.

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