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  • Strategies to recruit, retain and turn a visitor into customer

The Content Marketing is a digital strategy which consists in the creation of ad hoc content based on target to attract, hire and retain potential customers.

All the digital world is synonymous with speed: the objective of content marketing strategies is to intrigue and retain users over 10 seconds to avoid being skipped.

Without prejudice to the objective of attracting and retaining users to the website, the focus remains achieving a conversion by engaging in one or more call to action to push the user to choose a specific product or brand.

Depending on the digital media used (website, social, video, etc.) can be used in different ways and content of engagement with the aim to educate, entertain, train and amuse the target audience and at the same time, attract a profiled audience.

Another key element in the Content Marketing strategies is the emotional relationship that typically develops between the brand and consumers, and the whole has a positive influence on different metrics, eg, brand awareness, image and credibility of the brand.

Define a Content Marketing strategy for a company is often very complicated. Often it resents habit in communication, training and reluctance and knowledge of the digital world, which limits its potential.  Such critical issues is even more amplified in SMEs, where more than 90% of companies do not know how and which convey content on the web. The contents are the indispensable elements and, as such, must have certain basic assumptions such as, for example, adapt to different devices, must be clear and easy to read and also must be integrated with the different digital media used.

Accuracy, attention, care to detail even from the shape point of view (font, formatting, visual indicators), call to action, use of Social and Video are the winning key to get great results in terms of performance.

In a context where every day a consumer is bombarded with nearly 5,000 advertising communications, together with the increasing use of the Adblocking technologies, to define a Content Marketing strategy becomes the key element in each company for a value differentiation.

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