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Confidence in online buzz

  • Buzz and comments posted online become the two forms of advertising more reliable for consumers, thanks to growing confidence transmitted.

After the survey conducted by Nielsen on Global Trust in Advertising, performed on a sample of over 28,000 web users from 56 countries, emerges as the 92% of consumers say they trust the word of mouth more than all other forms of advertising.

In contrast to the trend that sees traditional media as the main objectives of the investment, consumers are less confident to the ads broadcast on traditional channels such as television, magazines and newspapers. Since 2009, confidence in these instruments is decreased respectively by 24%, 20% and 26%.

58% of online consumers trust the "owned media" (eg messages on company websites) and 50% trust the content of emails received.

Also interesting are the data related to users' confidence on ads result from search engines which are considered reliable by 40% of those surveyed (in 2007 the percentage was 34%). If 36% also said to believe in banner advertisements, 29% of respondents trust the received SMS advertising (with a 61% increase over 2007).

Focusing on European level, the data will attest, however, below the global average: 29% of European sample trusts the ad on search engines compared with 40% overall, only 22% of the European sample trusts on social networks ads against 36% global, while 19% on banner versus 33% global.

In this scenario is interesting to see how new trends are emerging and how the evolution of trust in some channels is increasing.

Data shows the need for companies to review their own investment channels if they want to communicate with potential new customers: the search enginessocialbanners, mobile marketing are all tools that can become levers for companies. Companies must change their communication tools to attract and retain consumers.

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