Bumper ads: a story in six seconds

  • Bumper ads are a video advertising format for notoriety and coverage goals. But what are the rules for creating an effective Bumper Ads?

Bumper ads: a story in six seconds

How many times, watching a video on Youtube, have you been disturbed by an advertisement? How many times have you waited impatiently to skip the ad in order to go back to watching your favorite content? Very often, for sure. However, there are video formats that take you only six seconds: Bumper ads.

Youtube Bumper ads are an innovative advertising format that consists of a short six-second video advertising message, very effective for capturing the attention of users. Officially launched in April 2016, these in-stream video ads were designed specifically for mobile, intended to appear on Youtube and Google Partner Video.

Ads bumpers are ideal for Youtube audiences, who are often annoyed by advertisements that interrupt the viewing of other content. Unlike other video ad formats, Bumper Ads cannot be skipped: the user will therefore be forced to view it, increasing the probability that the content of the ad will reach its goal.

And it is precisely in this feature that the potential of Youtube Bumper Ads is concentrated: in those six seconds an advertiser must concentrate all his creativity, to be effective and interesting.

How to create an interesting ad in just six seconds?

We make often the mistake of believing that the more extensive a video content is, the more effective its message will be. The Bumper ads demonstrate exactly the opposite: in addition to the user's attention, working with small six-second videos, the advertiser is forced to give free rein to his creativity, striving to make the most of those few seconds at his disposal.

However, it is certainly not easy to enclose the essence of a brand in a video of a few seconds. It therefore happens very often that companies decide to use bumper ads as a preview of a longer duration in-stream Trueview ad: in this way, the user captures the essential message of the advertiser and, if interested, can view the larger ad.

Another particularly effective idea is to tell a brand in many different Bumper videos, creating an episodic story: this will grab the user's attention.

But what are the rules for creating an effective Bumper Ads? In this case, Google makes all the solutions and best practices available to its advertisers. Here are some of the tips:

  • Concentrate on a single simple purpose: make the focal point of your video immediately understood; moreover, with little time available, overlapping different objectives can prove counterproductive;
  • Preview, amplification, echo: stimulate the curiosity of your audience with short announcements and amplify the message with longer lasting announcements for greater coverage;
  • Allocate the time necessary to create the context of the announcement and end with a grand finale;
  • Remember that thirty second videos do not provide all the answers but are sometimes perceived as a nuisance by users;
  • For more effective brand awareness, for the product on the screen: this will record a memory of the highest announcement;
  • Breaking the fourth wall: talk to your audience.

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