Best Global Brands 2011

  • Interbrand presents the ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands. Just three Italian brands in the ranking

Interbrand, leading brand consultancy, presented the ranking of the 100 “Best Global Brands 2011”.

The ranking has been calculated using an accurate brand evaluation methodology that considers, especially, three key aspects:

  • Financial performances;
  • Role of Brand on consumer purchase decision process;
  • Brand Strenght to secure the delivery of expected future earnings.

In the ranking there are only “global” Brands, meeting these specific requirements:

  • At least 30% revenues coming from outside its country:
  • At least a presence in three continents;
  • Brand has to be recognized by a broad audience;
  • Brand has to public their financial data.

For the twelfth consecutive year, Coca-Cola is at the top of the ranking; the Brand has been estimated 71.8 billion dollars, with a growth of +2% compared to 2010. After Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, McDonald’s, Intel, Apple, Disney and Hewlett-Packard are in the top 10. So, it is clear that the top of the ranking is dominated by the presence of technological brands.

Best Global Brands Report also points 5 Brands that have recorded an important value growth in the last year: Apple (+58%), (+32%), Google (+27%), Samsung e Burberry (+20%). On the other side, Brands that have lost value in the same period are: Nokia (-15%), Nintendo (-14%), Sony (-13%), Yahoo (-11%) e Dell (-6%).

Positive is the growth for automotive brands. Toyota is 11th with a value growth of +6% in a year. Mercedes-Benz is 12th (+9% value growth), BMW 15 th ( +10%) and Honda is placed at 19th with a +5% of value compared to 2010.

The Report records a positive growth in value also for Luxury Brands: Luis Vuitton is 18 th (+6% by 2010), Hermes 66 th (+12%) and Cartier 70 th (+18%).

In this ranking there are only three Italian Brands: Gucci, Armani and Ferrari. Gucci has jumped from 44 th to 39 th place, with an increase in value of +5% compared to 2010. Armani has moved forward two positions (from 95th to 93 th) with a growth in value of +10%. Still in the ranking, but with an opposite performance, Ferrari has dropped in a year from 91th to 99th position.

Jez Frampton, Interbrand global CEO, argues that nowadays successful brands are those able to innovate and evolve while meeting needs of an increasingly complex and ever-changing market. Jez Frampton also claims that brands have to move into technology and reinforce their presence on Social Networks in order to increase customer interest and involvement. 

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting