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Badge Google Partner

  • E-Business Consulting enjoy the new Google Partnership

Recently Google has updated the Partnership Program for agencies engaged on resale and support companies promoting their business on Adwords.

Now by only one profile you can manage your Badge, your company’s information, your certifications, you can measure the quality level of your MCC and view a large library of articles to better manage the service offered to the client companies.

Some brand new has been introduced on this Partnership Program: it is the measurement of the MCC quality level. The influencing factors are: the sum of budget invested , the activities of the client accounts and the application of the Adwords advanced features. Thus, Adwords choose the agencies to give the partnership on the basis of their activities and their knowledge about Adwords developments.

Also the Individual Certification exam, useful to help your company to get the Badge, changes. The exams, which were once four, become three: one Fundamental exam and two Advanced steps, one for Research area and one for the Display Network. Certifications are still one of the basic requirements to become a partner of Google because they attest the employees’ preparation and competence in managing Adwords campaigns for third parties.

E-Business Consulting is part of the agencies who have passed all the necessary requirements to get the new Badge. Google has acknowledged the experience of E-Business Consulting in the management of campaigns for its clients by checking the level of use of the new releases for the optimization of campaigns. In addition, E-Business Consulting can count on seven people inside who have passed all the individual certifications. For more information and to make contact with the agency, the Badge of E-Business Consulting is visible at the Google Partner dedicated page.