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B2B and Social Marketing

  • B2B Marketing Forum in Milan: present and trends

At the B2B Marketing Forum held in Milan on March 22 have been presented the results of research carried out by D & B, in collaboration with AISM. The survey was given  to a sample group of professionals employed in marketing and sales of Italian companies in the B2B sector

What emerges from research is that the best tools for the return on investment are the traditional  instruments: conferences, workshops, fairs, and public relations. Future strategies are, instead, projected to the web 2.0 and social media marketing.

Currently, companies in the B2B use, primarily  tools such as the Relationship Marketing, which provides higher ROI and it is less expensive than traditional advertising. The Internet channel is still not fully used, and the "showcase web site" is still the most widely used type of web site by B2B companies.  Web 2.0 does not collect, at this time, a prominent role in corporate policies, which focus on Conferences and Workshops (31% ROI), Fairs (27% ROI) and Public Relations (20% ROI) .
Web marketing Tool, such as social media marketing, search engine marketing and online advertising have a sustained ROI by 4 to 10%. Only e-mail marketing offers, at present, a high return on investment, on average 16%.

The  need that emerged from this research is to provide new business contact to sales area. At this time the instruments used to acquire new leads are predominantly the website, events and exhibitions, email marketing and "cold call".

Given the characteristics of the B2B sector, public relation are one of the most useful tools in generating leads and sales, for this reason in the future, companies should  increase their presence in the social channel which helps, certainly, relationships and egagement.

E-Business Consulting can help companies plan and implement social media marketing strategies in order not only to acquire new contacts, but also in terms of customer loyalty and branding.