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Audiweb Mobile Data

  • Audiweb publishes data on the audience from smartphones and tablets

Audiweb expands and improves its research related to the use of the internet by users analyzing data about online audience from Mobile (smartphones and tablets) in the period January - March 2014; from July figure about smartphones and tablets will be analyzed separately. This is an important development considering that there are 17,2 million unique users in the month accessing the internet from these two tools. At the moment the data related to mobile are phase-shifted by two months compared to the data of Audiweb but this gap will be dissolved during 2014. Were also analyzed only the data related to Android and iOS, missing then Windows that will probably be added by the end of 2014.

To be more specific in March 2014 on an average day turn out to be online 14,5 million users from smartphones and tablets, as it does not differ much from the month (17,2 million) and this confirms the habit of daily use these tools to access the Internet. Analysing the age group between 18 and 34 years showed that these users generate about half of the time spent online through mobile devices, with a particular focus on the use of mobile applications (52% of time spent on mobile apps). While 42% of the total time dedicated to Mobile navigation is generated from the 35-54 age group who prefer mobile browsing. Overall, the distribution of the total time spent online on an average day from smartphones and tablets appears to be stable throughout the day while pc audience has a peak in the afternoon. Considering March 2014 the time spent online by pc reaches 20 hours and 57 minutes while by smartphones and tablets is almost double with 38 hours and 21 minutes.

In particular as regards the app was also carried out a ranking of the most used by Italians. At the first place we find WhatsApp with 13,8 million unique users per month, followed by Facebook with 13,6 million and in third place with 11,8 million Google Play. Other social networks have much lower share: for example Instagram just over 4 million while Twitter reaches 3,5 million.

The importance which has now reached Mobile in the current scenario is also confirmed by the Mobile Marketing & Service Observatory, which underlines the need to use a strategic approach for this tool to breaking away from the concepts routinely used with the pc because mobile intercept and meets different needs. The mobile can in fact be used for advertising as well as for example for pre-and post-sales, promotion, purchase, payment.

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