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  • Distributed for the first time "currency" data (users, no browser) daily and weekly: new Daily/Weekly data analysis system.

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A new methodology for Audiweb 2.0 created in collaboration with Nielsen. From today, the first Daily/Weekly data will be distributed, the so-called daily and weekly "currency" data concerning publishers who have joined the data analysis and who have recently certified and implemented the new TAG/SDK, as well as being available to subscribers as dealers, agencies, publishers and media centers through the "Audiweb Media View" interface.

Audiweb is the author and distributor of online audience data. Providing objective information on the use of the Internet online using appropriate detection tools is its goal.

The Head of Audiweb Marco Muraglia says: "We have worked for a long time with the intention of developing a data analysis based on the founding values of our Joint Industry Committee: transparency and objectivity, first and foremost; representativeness and coherence, because it is an expression of all the parts that make up the market; flexibility and openness with respect to the continuous evolution of the medium and the convergence between the online and the television medium ".

“To this we must add - continues Muraglia - the novelty of the Daily/Weekly data analysis which, in addition to having achieved the results we expected in terms of coverage and adherence to the phenomena represented, makes it possible to represent the online offer almost in real time. to allow faster and more timely processing. Moreover, it is possible to represent progressive perimeters, because publishers can decide which entities to represent for the purposes of advertising planning”.

Quality and "granularity" of the data. Here are the peculiarities of the Daily/Weekly data analysis: the daily and weekly audience with profiling data related to age and gender; coverage that can reach; audience generated by the use of static content and video via various devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and platforms (applications, traditional browsing and browsing in the mobile app Facebook, FB Instant Article); frequency of distribution - 60 hours from detection.

The Daily/Weekly data analysis and the Audiweb 2.0 system are based on renewed sources: the new TAG/SDK (Software Development Kit by Nielsen) that allows census detection of the use of all content that is distributed; the Bid Data that provide useful information for audience profiling based on gender and age and the deduplication of audiences between devices; the Panel which still plays a leading role in gathering high-profile information for all the audiences detected; the new Auditel-Audiweb unique Base Research, already active since last year.

From here, an innovative system emerges, able to produce and distribute evolved data (currency daily, weekly, monthly, Respondent level with high socio-demographic profiling), which offer total recognition and a consistent attribution of the audience. Audiweb Database, the final product of the new system, will provide navigation data and socio-demographic profiles of users who have navigated using smartphones, tablets and computers with greater information completeness.

To elaborate a synthesis of the different data sources used in the new research and to better enhance the Panel data and the Big Data is the final goal. Audiweb and Nielsen have taken an important step in technological innovation and method: The Syntetic Respondent Level Dataset. This innovation is contained in the new Monthly data (Audiweb database) and places Audiweb among the most innovative JICs in the world.

Available from September with data for the June 2018 data analysis, the Audiweb Database will be distributed to Software Houses that offer planning tools based on Audiweb data for consultation by subscribers. The data for April and May 2018 will be produced with the new methodology and the summary reports with the public data of the Audiweb Database will be published online.

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