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Audience On Line Italy

  • Audiweb published data of online audience referred to the month of February 2012.

The increase in active users in February 2012 compared to February 2011 was 9.2%, reaching 27.7 million, representing 50.7% of Italian population .

The data refer to Italian users, from two years old and over, which are connected to Internet at least, once a day.  The percentage of active users per day  is also increasing , +7.3% (13.8 million). In details  users navigate on average per day, 1 hour and 26 minutes and visit 166 pages per person.

Compared to February 2011 point out by a decrease in the average time  spent on the internet and on page views per person, respectively -11.5% and -17.9%. 

This is surely a matter for thought, both in terms of web usability and content of Web sites. The available time is continuously declining and who project web sites must keep in consideration these date to help users to have positive experiences during the surfing.

The online audience active every day is represented by 55% men and 45% women. Compared to February 2011 there was an increase of 5.4% for the online presence of men and an increase of 10% for women. On one side there is a reduction of average time spent on the network and page views, the other web population growth.

The time period in which the highest number of online users is between 18 and 21, reaching 7.5 million. The activity remains relevant throughout the day, significantly increasing in the afternoon and evening time slots.