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Adwords + Analytics = Benefits

  • We can maximize the benefits of using Google tools, making them work in synergy: an example of all the connection between Google Adwords and Analytics.

Google, the giant of all search engines, has created a range of services and products connected to it, which if known and exploited properly, can help not only in finding information, but in many other areas of our daily activities. Think about the Google Calendar tool, for example, that allows us to schedule and share events with friends and colleagues.

We can maximize the benefits to the square of the Google tools, learning to make them work in synergy: an example of all is the connection between Google Adwords and Analytics.

The platform allows Google Analytics to monitor access to the website, making possible the analysis and interpretation in the context of Web Analytics. On the other hand Google Adwords represents the advertising system that allows Google to display ads online in various ways.

The integration of these two tools is a fully free and if enabled provides access to useful information to evaluate the quality of the traffic generated by our Adwords campaigns. In this way you can measure how profitable investments have been made through Google's advertising platform.

Once the two  accounts are linked, we will be able to access Google Analytics directly from the AdWords platform, simply by entering the section and make a series of reports on the analysis of visits generated by our Adwords campaigns. In particular, among the most interesting information that we obtain is the number of pages that users visited after clicking the ad, the average time spent on the site and especially the ROI for each keyword you're using.

This information represents excellent tools to improve your AdWords campaigns, because you can take action by going to increase or lower your bids for each keyword. The interpretation of reports that Google Analytics provides in Section Adwords should therefore not be an end in itself but should lead to a cycle of continuous improvement and optimization in order to get the most from our investments.

Both Google tools can be useful to our marketing objectives and analysis and even more so if exploited to their potential for interaction: a synergic communication in a virtuous cycle of growth of the results obtained by the investments in advertising.

E-Business Consulting provide a training package of 8 hours to study the operational details and analysis Adwords and Analytics platforms.