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  • Were published the analysis of the Advertising Expenditure Forecasts on the advertising market overall

From the study of Advertising Expenditure forecasts reveal some interesting data. In 2014, the advertising market overall will mark a +5.3% and for 2015 it is expected a +5.3 %, for 2016 instead a +5.9 %. The 23% investment global advertising in 2014 will be directed to the online advertising and for the first time this data will exceed the relative share investment in newspapers and magazines (22.7 %).

In this context will play a vital role the continuous improvement of the technology in support of digital advertising that will help make increasingly convenient and effective communication through advertising through the instrument of the internet.

Thus instruments such as the programmatic buying, the online video advertising or display advertisement on social will continue their evolution. The display advertisement on social for example will have an average growth of +29.9% between 2013 and 2016 obtained also by exploiting the increasingly widespread use of social media on mobile devices.

The mobile internet advertising and the advertising industry that records the development faster, in fact will grow by 67% in 2014 reaching 20% of the advertising on the internet, for 2015 is estimated to reach 25% and 30% for 2016. One of the advantages of advertising on mobile is the ability to reach users at any time with the right message.

All these aspects confirm the need for companies to invest in advertising on the internet to reach in an efficient and effective manner their customers. Can be used various instruments depending on the specific objectives. Particular attention should be given to advertising on mobile.

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