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Advertising Spending Italy May 2015

  • Advertising investments in Italy updated in May 2015 divided by sector and medium according to Nielsen data

The first five months of 2015 are marked with advertising expenses decreased compared to the same period last year; the decline has amounted 1.3%, although, in general, the advertising market in the month of May grew by 2.6%.

Analyzing the month of may of 2015 you may notice the following data: the TV shows an increase of 4.5% while the press on the one hand denotes growth given by the magazine 2.2% and for the other one drop that touches 2% in chief newspapers.

Continuing to consider the fifth harvest this year you can see that the radio remains in a positive situation by recording a +1.1% and +5.5% if you take into account all the months from January to may of 2015.

Slightly negative signals are presented to us by the Internet that nearly -0.6% if it is considered the month of may and a discount equal to 2.52% if we consider the whole period from January to may.

In a situation of decline are also two other areas such as cinema and direct marketing that reach respectively -2.8% and -3.1%.

Notes positive growth also coming from other areas such as outdoor with a +3.2%, transit with a +9.4% and the out-of-home TV (-10.1%), despite the negative sign, it is recording growth.

As for the different sectors are found the following values: Decreases data from the automotive and telecommunications but growth regarding finance / insurance (+3.9%) and pharmaceuticals (+8%).

The sectors that contributed most to the growth were professional services with a value equal to +17.8%, home management (+7.3%), personal items (+7.6%) and, finally, organizations / institutions the whose value was close to 4.8%.

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