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Advertising November 2010

  • Italian November 2010 Nielsen data relating advertising has been published. The first 11 months of 2010 indicate a positive result for the advertising market.

Italian November 2010 Nielsen data relating advertising has been published. The first 11 months of 2010 indicate a positive result for the advertising market.

With a total expense of almost 7.9 billion Euro compared to the variance in the first eleven months of 2009 was +3.9. In November 2010, the investment in national advertising have recorded a difference of more than +5%.

Considering the only  national advertising, the increase over the first eleven months of last year is 4.8%.

The TV, considering both  general channels and satellite (Sky trademarks and Fox), closes the first eleven months of the year with a growth of +6.2%. The small screen with 4.2 billion Euro collects 53% of total advertising.

In terms of percentage growth over 2009 Internet remains largely the first media: Up to this point, the change from the year 2009 was +19%.

Also during the period January - November, the radio (+9%) and direct mail (9.9%) remained among the most dynamic media in a good year for advertising as a whole. Also cinema  performed well  (+8.8%).

As for the press, despite the good results in recent months, magazines are still down compared to 2009 (-5.7%) and newspapers are growing in terms of national trade (+0.8%) but lose if we consider all types (-1.8%). Strong decrease in investments in the free press, but mainly due to the problems of some editors  during the year.

Until November food companies  are the ones that  have invested more in communication with a total expenditure of over one billion Euro and an increase of 5.5% over 2009.  Among the main markets, is important to underline an increase of spending for automobiles (+4.3%) and clothing (+3.3%), in line with the 2009 investment by companies in the telecommunications sector (-0.1%). Be stressed, always among the most important sectors in terms of weight of advertising, the growth in 2010 of investments from player of the beverage / spirits (+8.8%) and distribution (+13.3%).

Is confirmed by recent data also the positive trend of the number of advertiser found in the early months of 2010: compared to 2009 in fact, until November the ad spenders were 19,229, with an increase of 1.0%. Companies that buy space on the Internet increased by 22.4%, those who have chosen billaboards of +19.7%. Also businesses that use TV and radio are growing (+8.6% and 2.4%). Very interesting is the figure for the number of companies that have invested exclusively on the Internet during the year (+45.8%).