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Advertising March 2011

  • Nielsen publishes the March 2011 data on advertising in Italy

Nielsen publishes the March 2011 data on advertising in Italy.

After an excellent year end 2010, the Italian advertising market continues to experience lackluster recovery in the early months of 2011, recording a decrease of -3,2% over the previous year. Investments grow only on the Internet, digital broadcasting and direct mail. 

The television, considering Sky, Fox and digital TV observed by Nielsen, shows a decline in the first quarter of 2011 of -2,9%, with a total funding of about 1,2 billion euro, but the good results the digital TV broadcasters are reaching in terms of advertising make us hope a good end of 2011. 

In general the press continues to suffer a decline of -5,9%, but unlike 2010, this quarter shows the most penalized are newspapers (-4,6%) compared with magazines (-2.1%). Investment on cinema (-22,5%), billboards (-25,1%) and radio (-5,0%) continue to fall.

The only exception in this first quarter of 2011 is given by the Internet that continues its growth marking a +14,9% and direct mail (+1,0%) continuing the positive results trail of 2010’s .

In terms of market sectors, there’s a significant investment decline in the market sector of consumer electronics that has significantly reduced advertising spending in the first quarter, in particular the food industry (-10.0%) and beverages (-12.3% ) which were affected by increases of grain and basic food thus inducing firms to reduce advertising budgets. 

Even finance, insurance companies (-25.0%) and telecommunications (-6.7%) declined sharply, while among the main areas there’s a growth only the automotive (+6.9%) and clothing ( +1.2%) markets.