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Advertising July 2013

  • Nielsen data related to advertising spending in Italy for the first seven-month period 2013 have been published

The first seven months of 2013 are marked by falling advertising investments if compared to the previous year with a decrease which stands at -16%. The month of July 2013 closes at -5,4% if compared to July 2012: is it a sign of a recovery? Alberto Dal Sasso of Nielsen compares the data of July with those of the same period last year (-18,4%) and indicates the month of July 2012 as the one of the beginning of the worsening of the crisis of the recent years. The relatively small decrease seen during July 2013 should not surprise us, if related to the criticality highlighted during July 2013.

All media show a negative growth.

The medium Cinema shows a variation of -26,5% and it is the one which is most affect by this contraction. Then we can find Magazines and Newspapers (-24,1%), Out of Home TV (-18,5%) and Direct Mail (-18%). A smaller reduction is the one highlighted by TV (-15%), Radio (-12,7%) and Transit (-10,7%). Outdoor (-2.9%) and Internet (2.2%) show a limited decrease.

The data, if analyzed on the single month, denote enhancements for the following media: TV, which closes July with a slight increase of +1,6% and Internet that, after four months spent with a negative sign, shows an increase of + 5,1% in July 2013

As concerned the investments areas we can see the continued growth of Information Technology and Photography (+44,3%) while at the same time all the others show a negative sign. Food and Automotive, which cover the biggest % share of the market, decrease respectively of -21,1% and 25,6%. Positive signs are evident if the investments are analyzed monthly: during July 2012 in fact big spenders such as TELCO ((+16.5%), Media and Publishing (+13.7%) and Retail (+2.6%) show positive trends. For the first time this year even Beverages (+2.4%) and Personal Care (+2%) grow.

Can we consider September 2013 as the turning point of the crisis?

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