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Advertising Italy 2012

  • Nielsen data related to advertising spending in Italy for the period which goes from January to December 2012 have been published.

The worst of the last twenty years: this is how Nielsen defines 2012, regarding to the advertising spending and the following data can confirm this claim. The decrease (-14,3%) is very huge and for the first time since 2003 we can found an investment lower than 8 billion euros in current prices and that if saw adjusted for inflation (ISTAT), arrives to the levels of 1991.

Analyzing the situation in detail, the medium that shows the main decrease if compared to 2011, is cinema (-18,7%), followed by magazines (-18,4%) and direct mail (-18%). There are also substantial decreases for newspapers (-17,6%) and TV (-15,3%) and this double-digit reduction affects also the remaining media: Outdoor (-12,5%), Transit (-10,6%), Radio and Out of Home TV (-10.2%). The only media channel that during 2012 has always registered an increase in Internet, which closes the year with a +5,3%, if compared to 2011.

The interpretation of the data, if carried out from the point of view of the market industries, once again highlights a substantial drop of advertising investments. The only market sector which shows an increase is the one of tourism and travels which closes 2012 with a growth of +5,1%, while all the other industries register significant decreases. The market areas which show the most important contractions are household appliances (-31,5%), followed by institutions (-29,9%), games and school supplies (-25%) and motorcycles and vehicles (-23,5%). The crisis in the advertising spending affects also markets which cover the larger market share such as food (-15,9%), automotive (-15,7%) and telecommunications (-18%).

Even if the scenario described shows a general reduction of the advertising budget for media and market sectors, the number of advertisers in Italy remains almost steady and it shows a total decrease of -2,4%. This drop affects in a small percentage TV (-0,4%). At the contrary, Internet shows an increase of advertisers of 20% and this data, if compared to the previous one, demonstrates that companies continue to invest in advertising even if in a lesser extent (as concerned to the traditional media) and that they are beginning to take advantage to the power and the surplus offered by Internet.

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