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Advertising February 2011

  • Nielsen data have been published relating to advertising in Italy from February 2011.

Nielsen data have been published relating to advertising in Italy from February 2011.

After an excellent year end 2010, the Italian advertising market recorded a lackluster start in the first two months of 2011, recording a change of -2,0% over the previous year. These results are due to the strong decline in investment in television and press.

Television shows in fact a slowdown in the first two months of 2011, mainly due to lower levels of investment of major advertisers of food sectors (-7,3%), telecommunications (-8,5%) and pharmaceuticals / health ( -4,3%).

Press in general reaches -7,4%, where magazines are particularly concerned by the reduction of investments in strategic sectors such as fashion (-4,1%) and housing (-14,8%) which affected his progress  taking it to -4,3% over the previous year.

In February, is recorded also a fall of the investments on cinema (-15,3%) and billboards (-24,1%) despite the good results of out of home TV (+4,0%) and cards (+1,0%) although they remain marginal even in the Italian advertising market.

Positive results come instead for other media such as radio, supported by its core automotive sector (+10,9%), that  gets an increase of +1,0% over the first two months of 2010.

Internet, however, remains the most dynamic and evolving media, with a +15,5% of growth compared to 2010 due primarily to higher investment in the automotive (+13.5%), media/publishing (+15.6% ) and distribution (+211,8%).

In 2011 the advertising market also recorded a understated start looking at individual markets: the top five spender sectors, however, stands out the positive result of the automotive (+9,9%) still trying to recover from low sales performance with a good level of advertising investment, distribution (+7,6%) and industry/construction (+14,7%).

Negative results are recorded instead for food (-6,6%) as well as for the other components of consumer goods (toiletries -2,9% and house management -7,1%) with the exception of beverages/alcoholics who get a high + 13,0%. Among the top spenders lackluster performance for telecommunications (-10,9%), which in 2010 had had trouble shooting, tourism (-12,9%) and media/publishing (-1,6%).