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Advertising Benchmark EMEA

  • The Internet Communication development see as main factor the evolution of two particular Display format: Mobile and Video Advertising.

Last 11 July 2014, E-Business Consulting followed the presentation of Digital Communication data for 2013. The  AdEx Bechmark 2013 Report published by IAB Europe, in association with IHS Technology, has revealed that online advertising grew 11,9% to market value of 27.3bn and it is not only the developing markets which are leading this growth. 

Online advertising remains second largest media category in Europe for the second year in a row and the gap between online and newspapers is expected to widen in 2014.

Online advertising also grew across all format in 2013; format standardization, advancements in targeting and the upsurge of online video advertising increased confidence in display advertising triggering new spend, particularly from brand advertisers.

 Right now we can affirm that Mobile is now an integral part of advertiser’s budgets; with mobile internet penetration, the mobile medium is a more attractive space in which advertisers can reach their audience.

In 2012, the IAB Europe Research Committee and AdEx Benchmark Task Force in conjunction with IHS held working groups to standardise and improve definitions and measurement across markets for emerging formats. In 2013, for a second time, the AdEx Benchmark has systematically and consistently incorporated data for spend on:

- Video advertising defined as in-stream video advertising. It is considered as a subset of Display.

- Mobile Display Adversiting as any Display advertising viewed or read on a mobile phone including rich media advertising. This could be browser-based as well as in-app.

IAB is now supporting the new growth areas of the interactive advertising ecosystem by shaping the regulatory environment, investing in research and education, and developing and facilitating the uptake of business standards. IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee in particular is helping to drive brand investment into digital and traditional media environment.

Daniel Knapp, Director Advertising Research at IHS Technology, said that Online advertising is far more resilient against macroeconomic turmoil than other media. It is for a number of factors:

·  Performance-based models of online advertising. Paid-For-Search advertising in particular has a clearly measureable return-on-investment in form of the cost-per-click metric on which it is priced. Paid-For-Search spend usually comes from direct marketing budgets, which focus on sales-driven advertising and continues to record double-digit growth resiliently. This type of advertising is used especially when consumer budgets are tight and has also moved to Display in 2013. The rise of real-time-bidding trading also improves the return-on-investment for performance-based online Display campaigns.

·  The move of brand advertising spend online.  Video advertising and premium Display are increasingly attracting brand advertising to online. Video advertising is similar to TV advertising in terms of creative format, campaign objective and measurement metrics. European Video advertising spend grew by 45,4% in 2013 and is now 13,1% of all online Display advertising spend.

·  The use of data-driven targeting and automation. The increased use of consumer data in online Display advertising, paired with algorithmic processing, allows for more accurate and cost-efficient targeting.

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