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  • Nielsen data related to advertising spending in Italy on August 2011 have been published

On August 2011 advertising spending is almost stable compared to the same month in 2010, with a small increase by +0,41%. The most relevant data concern Internet, Radio and Out of Home.

Nielsen analyzes the first 8 months of this year, recording a total advertising spending in Italy of more than 5,3 billion euros, with a decrease by -4% compared to 2010.

Internet is still the only media that recorded a substantial increase (+13,5%), surpassing 360 milion euros of investment. Following in this positive trend, Out of Home TV shows an increase by+ 6,8%.

Television, considering in the analysis also Sky, Fox and Digital TVs, shows a slowdown of -4,7%.  All the other media (Press, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor, Transit and Cards) also record negative trends compared to 2010, except Direct Mail that records a slight increase (+0,6%).

Compared with the last year, it can be said that Free/Pay Press (-49,7%) and Cards (-22,4%) are in the worse situation.

In addition to the slight increase (+0,41%) in advertising spending in August 2011 compared to 2010, it is also noticeable a contraction in the negative trend of advertising spending on July-August 2011.

In fact, compared to the decrease registered in the period July-August 2010 (-40,9%), this year Nielsen records a contraction on advertising spending of -37,7%.