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Advertising April 2014

  • Nielsen data about advertising spending in Italy for the period January – April 2014 have been released

The first four months of 2014 are marked by a decrease in the advertising spending if compared to the previous year: the decline is -3,6%.

If we analyze the period which goes from January to April 2014 we can see a negative growth of about all the media:

Cinema is the medium that shows the most significant decrease (-15,8%) and immediately after it we can find Newspapers (-13,6%) and Magazines (-12,5%): this data highlights the period of deep crisis that the Press is experiencing. If we analyze the data related to the single month of April 2014 we can see that the decrease of Newspapers and Magazines is respectively of -7,6% and -8% and it is the first time in two years that they show a single-digit decline.

Other media marked by a negative sign are Direct Mail (-11,3%), Transit (-7,9%), Out of Home TV (-4,2%) and Internet (-2,7%) that, however the growth of the investments on Mobile Advertising, still presents a negative sign (for further information click here).

The media that closed the first four months of 2014 with a positive sign are Outdoor and TV (both with +0,5%) and Radio (+1,6%).

Still going with the analysis per business sector we can see significant improvements for Industry and Real Estate (+76,5%) and Toys and School Materials (+70,4%). Groceries and Automotive, that have the biggest market share, have positive growth respectively of +2,8% for Groceries and +1,4% for Automotive. The biggest decrease in the market is for Computers and Photography (-29,8%), Motorcycles and Vehicles (-27.9%) and Telecommunications (-26,5%)

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