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Advertising April 2011

  • April 2011 Nielsen data on advertising in Italy have been published.

The second quarter of 2011 opens with a slight decline in advertising spending. The total value of advertising recorded by Nielsen is over 2.9 billion euro with a variation of -2.6% between last year. Internet is the only media that recorded growth rates.

Television shows a slowdown of -1.8%, considering Sky, Fox and digital broadcasters. The press loses a -5.3% recording a slight recover with periodicals (+1.0%) compared with the decline of newspapers. Movies records positive data on a monthly basis +21.8% compared with April 2010, but retains a negative trend with regard to the first quarter.

The Internet is therefore the only media that close the quarter with a positive trend of +17.6%.

In terms of sectors April records a strong growth for the automotive advertising sector (+13.7%) and pharmaceuticals / health (+30.4%). Spending on telecommunications decreases on a monthly basis (-12.8%), also distribution (-11.5%), while food closes in line with the April 2010 (-0.9%).

Considering the entire quarter, the area which is spending more are the automotive industry with an increase of +8.6% compared to 2010, while is recording a decline food and beverage sectors (-7.5%), telecommunications (-8.2%) and clothing (- 0.60%).

“Nielsen Economic” reported that remains a positive market closure for the year 2011. After the slowdown in advertising spending in the first months it is expected to recover  for the end of the year with a minimal variation compared to 2010 (-0.1%).