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  • The use of software to block the display advertising on the web pages for privacy reasons and more fluid navigation is growing

More are users who decide to activate filters in order to block the display of online advertising, an estimate in terms of users to nearly 198 million today. This finding highlights how is increasing the number of Internet users who don’t want to view advertising in different web pages because of 198 million, a + 41% year on year, 77 million users are living in Europe and 4.7 million are those in Italy.

Adobe and PageFair conducted a study about this topic from which emerges the following data: the use of software to block online advertising has generated a significant loss in terms of revenues. This loss has grown from year to year because in 2013 had reached 7.2 billion dollars in 2014, 11.7 to reach a valuation that is around 21.8 billion in respect of the year 2015 . Other results highlighted by the use of filters is to achieve in 2016 a figure that will be approximately 41.4 billion dollars in terms of lost revenues at the level of online advertising.

The world situation presents a framework in which users who have decided to use these filters in the United States increased by 48% (about 45 million users) in a year while the situation in Europe is an increase of 38 percent (about 77 million users). Between countries those who most used filters block-spots are Greece (36.7%) and Poland (34.9%). While, as regards those who have less activated such software emerge Italy, with a percentage level equal to 12.9, France with a 10.3% and Slovakia with 8.9% in terms of users that activated filters.

As for the activation of anti-spots for pc browsers emerge for Google Chrome 126 million users, 48 ​​million Firefox and Apple's Safari to 9 are the millions of users who have provided the use of such software.

Not yet disclosed the filters are activated by Tablet and Smartphone although the view about its use is set to change.

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