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Fidelity card Loyalty card Italy

Fidelity Cards or Loyalty Cards are the most used tool by companies in the customer loyalty process

The Fidelity Cards, also known as Loyalty Cards, Revolving Cards or just Credit Cards, are the main instruments used by loyal clients.

The loyalty of a client is one of the most important aspects of all activities related to CRM (Customer Relation Management); in fact acquiring new clients costs six times more than maintaining the loyalty of old ones.

The use of a Fidelity Card (Credit Cards used by clients who want to benefit of purchasing items in this way in some shops) is a useful tool improving client service and creating a consumer community.

The creation and launch of a Fidelity Card is a complex project that requires the analysis of a numerous number of elements in order to optimise return on investments (ROI) and at the same time gain the loyalty of newly acquired clients.

A further possibility is given by the integration of Fidelity Cards, which are a traditional market instrument, together with new opportunities provided by developing technologies such as, the evolution of mobile communications and new web appliances.

The goal of E-Business Consulting is not only the creation of a personalised fidelity card with exclusive service, but a tool fit for interchanging with:

1 Mobile communication platforms

2 Web platforms for creating communities with:

  • Target advertising offers
  • On-line catalogues
  • Theme forums
  • Refund products, etc

3 CRM applications for business intelligence and data mining activities.

In order to give an example of the extraordinary potentials related to the launch of a product like the multimedia fidelity card, try to imagine the director of a supermarket or a superstore that, for several reasons (strike of public transportation, rain, etc.), can monitor in real time why wine sales are 10% below his daily real retail budget.

For example, with such a product it'll be possible to send straight away a, personalised sms offers to all registered cardholders, according on their age, domicile areas and usual purchasing.

Therefore we do not agree that the Fidelity Card is only a marketing tool. A multimedia Fidelity Card is an extraordinary tool that provides opportunities not only for marketing and sales, even for customer service with a post-sale integration into a Business Intelligence activity supplied by E-Business Consulting.

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Fidelity card Loyalty card Italy

Fidelity Cards, loyalty project are the most used marketing strategy used by companies for customer retention and increase business 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting