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Data Mining in Italy

Data mining is a process of selection, scanning and modeling of large masses of data, in order to discover regularity or unknown relationships

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential for proper management of its customers. The mere acquisition of data is not enough if you don't give rise to business intelligence or data mining.

In the current competitive environment, with consumers being increasingly overconnected without distinction between online and offline, in omnichannel and database enrichment projects business intelligence activities and/or data mining have a central role.

Goal of data mining is to organize databases to generate synergies and new business opportunities in particular: 

o Creating families of people with similar behaviors
o Choosing from all customers, a subset that is more likely to sell a product
o Offering to customer groups from different profile a different range of products 
o Estimating sales results to a network of agents, resellers, dealers and agencies
o Planning alternative strategies for clients with different profitability

The main analytics services offered by E-Business Consulting S.r.l. through activities and Business Intelligence techniques are as follows:

a) Customer profiling 
Present and future customer value determination (assignment to a band of profitability) in order to manage the allocation of customer service channels, the finalization of schemes of incentives and rebates, prioritizing sales contacts, how to handle late payment.

b) Segmentation analysis (Customer Base, product portfolio, etc.)
For example, market segmentation is to identify groups of individuals (such as customers, visitors to a website) characterized by behaviors or characteristics or common needs. Marketing and product strategies will be directed to each targeted segment.

c) Cross/Up-Selling Analysis (Market Basket Analysis) 
Browse profiles, recurring patterns in the purchase of products/services in order to improve the effectiveness of the actions of marketing and merchandising (cross-selling, up-selling, product display mode selection, campaign planning warehouse supplies promotional, scheduling, etc.). 

d) Churn Analysis
Identify customers at risk to churn allows marketing and customer care functions: designing loyalty actions (promotional campaigns, advertising), support the process of defining new products/services, implement win-back actions more effective, properly assess customer value. 

e) Campaign Analysis (Prospect Generation)
Design support of marketing campaigns in order to lower costs and increase returns. Identification of target customers most likely to respond positively to the campaign (optimization of marketing action); estimation of response to the promotional campaign; forecast returns of future campaigns.

f) Sales analysis
Operational and strategic marketing support in monitoring the launch of new products, evaluating campaigns, identify cross/up-sell opportunities, new markets, of threats to business arising from the competition or other factors.

Data Mining in Italy

Data mining is a process of selection, scanning and modeling of large masses of data, in order to discover regularity or unknown relationships 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting