How Search New Customer

The search for new customers or to find new customers is a key element in the commercial development strategies for each company

The search for new customers is a cornerstone of the commercial strategies for each company for the development of sales and for the increase in the volume of the generated business

The ongoing globalization has reduced barriers and space, making accessible many markets unimaginable until recently, but at the same time has multiplied the number of potential competitors in each sector, creating complexity in strategic, commercial and investment.

The advent of digital technology has also increased the means available to search for customers and open up to new business models that are unthinkable, without prejudice to the ongoing evolution in progress. E-Business Consulting, for example, was founded in 2003 in a world where two of the most common digital tools still existed: smartphones and social networks.

The starting point for determining any winning new customer  research strategy is to understand, also through market research, in relation to the products and services sold and to the reference markets, what are the strengths and weaknesses of its commercial offer. The time is over when marketing does not work in synergy with sales.

Once the standard customer has been defined and the products recognized as having actual added value, regardless of whether the target is towards B2C customers or a B2B target companies, a structured system for monitoring all investments in promotional, communication and of marketing used, in order to identify for each tool or media used the contact cost and the contract/sale cost.

From our experience it is often a process not easy to organize and optimize, often due to the habit of repeating certain operations or activities over time and the low propensity to change. It is however a fundamental process to be activated considering the current complexity of the economic scenario and the small size of Italian companies that does not allow the dispersion of available economic resources (budget).

In addition, the contribution that digital media can bring in terms of commercial development and the search for new customers in Italy and abroad must not be forgotten both in the B2C and B2B sectors. In this context, the digital world must not be seen as a world in itself, but integrated with off-line strategies. The company objective should become the adoption of an omnichannel  strategy, placing the customer at the center, intercepting him during his customer journey.

E-Business Consulting is able to help companies in the search processes of new customers, both in the B2C and B2B, starting from the optimization of investments in marketing and communication, defining the tools for monitoring the results and the ideal mix for the commercial development in Italy and abroad.

How Search New Customer

The search for new clients to find new customers is a key element in the commercial development strategies for each company 19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting