How Improve Clients Management

Customer management is a fundamental activity for each company, regardless of the business and the reference market

The optimal management of customers, using ad hoc CRM strategies, is an indispensable activity for each company, regardless of whether the target market is B2C customer or B2B companies, to improve the relationship with the customer.

All the companies that, in the last few years, have created strategies to improve customer satisfaction with the brand and/or the products sold, have achieved an improvement in sales and sales performance. It is much easier and less costly to work on one's own client than to acquire a new one.

The starting point is to work in a structured manner on the main asset of each company: the customer database. The technology available today, in this context, facilitates operations without prejudice to the fact that in our vision CRM is not and can not be just a software and it is not our goal to sell an application. Our proposal is to create together with the client company an optimal organizational and management model to increase your sales.

Each company in the course of its business acquires customers in different ways, with different potentials, with different interests, on different products or services. The inventory of all customer databases within a company, the management methods, the technology used to access information is the basis for understanding how to aggregate the data available. In this context during our activity we also examine the presence of partial or duplicate records in order to clean and enrich the database.

The second phase, on the other hand, provides for the organization of the customer database by creating the different profiles (in compliance with the GDPR) applying business intelligence and data mining techniques. This is a crucial phase to create synergies and to propose the right thing to the right customer.

The third phase, however, is related to how the relationship is managed. In this context today the methods of interaction with the customer have multiplied thanks to the advent of digital technology. The most painful point, however, is not the communication between client company but customer vs company.

Often the communication between client and company is neglected, but in the social era this can become an incredible boomerang for a company, a brand and a product. For example, a customer can post a grievance on social media, send an email, create a ticket (if available) or call a toll-free number.

There are areas that are more subject to user evaluation than others. Suffice it to think of catering or in general tourism. It is easier to post a negative or positive comment. In any case it must be managed quickly. A satisfied customer can become an ambassador to his or her own sphere of friendships.

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How Improve Clients Management

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