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SMS Marketing in Italy

SMS Marketing or SMS Advertising in Italy continues to be a high-performance commercial tool

The activities of sending advertising text messages for SMS Marketing campaigns even in the era of smartphones and mobile marketing continues to be a very used tool because it allows you to reach and select potential customers in real time, to promote an event, call a toll-free number, report a promotion or a visit to a store.

Currently in Italy, according to the data provided by AGCOM in the communications observatory, there are about 97.9 million SIMs in circulation, of which 52.7 million are those with Internet access. The possibility, therefore, of being able to intercept potential customers with the tool in the pocket of all Italians, represents a real opportunity for commercial development.

To this we must add that with the revolution provided by the activities via Smartphone and the arrival of free messaging tools such as WhatsApp, every user is particularly intrigued when he receives a text message.

The SMS Marketing service offered does not include any database by the client companies, as the users to which you will direct your advertising message will be provided by E-Business Consulting according to the target, the province and the CAP of your interest in the total respect for privacy.

Advertising messages can be sent to reach potential customers at any time for different purposes: from the greeting message, to the request for participation in prize competitions, to the reporting of a commercial promotion, or simply requesting information, or an invitation to go to an event or a point of sale or to call a telephone number.

A campaign to send promotional SMS develops on average 10% to 30% return, with an absolute lower cost per contact than all advertising, both online and offline.

Any combination of Email Marketing and / or Mobile Marketing campaigns with SMS Marketing campaigns can create synergy and increase business opportunities.

The service offered by E-Business Consulting in the field of SMS advertising campaigns includes:

  • Rental of the target user database;
  • Cost of sending SMS;
  • Possible ad hoc Landing Page;
  • Detailed reporting of the items sent.

The segmentation or target criteria available for the execution of the service are attributable to the following choices:

  • City;
  • Postal Code;
  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • Areas of interest.

The planning possibilities for the SMS tool are different:

  1. Standard SMS;
  2. SMS with Link to Landing Page;
  3. SMS with Custom Sender;
  4. Interactive SMS.

Planning a campaign of SMS Marketing allows you to grow in a tangible way its customers, both those that can be acquired and those already loyal. The use of SMS advertising allows you to reduce communication times and make better use of the investment in communication activities.

Request a free quote with no obligation for your SMS Marketing activities and discover the services offered by E-Business Consulting, a leading company in all Mobile Marketing activities.

SMS Marketing in Italy

SMS Marketing or SMS Advertising in Italy continues to be a high-performance commercial tool to increase your business and find new clients 19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting