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Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding is a digital opportunity to purchase advertising spaces in internet in real time based on the target

Real Time Bidding is a new communication opportunity, increasingly adopted in the world, which allows advertisers to get advertising space in real time, profiling in detail the target audience.

Investing today in Real Time Bidding does not mean doing a test but get a serious competitive advantage.

In a time where it becomes essential to seize new opportunities that allow for more effective and efficient communicational processes, we must be able to read the signals available to anticipate the future.

In Real Time Bidding (RTB) using advanced technologies, many buyers compete for each impression, with a system of "real time auction", allowing optimization of advertising planning and saving in advertising expenditure on major digital networks.

The Real Time Bidding platform used by E-Business Consulting allows the choice of the target avoiding dangerous overlaps, dynamically changing the advertising message and retargeting on purchasing behavior.

So, to use the instrument RTB correctly, you have to start from a solid knowledge of the audience in order to maximize the effectiveness of communication by minimizing the waste of fundamental resources.

With RTB you can target display or video campaigns in different ways:

• Geographic area

• Device used

• Categories or areas of users interest

Real Time Bidding represents a great opportunity for lead acquisition, planning communication campaigns in real time, only to highly profiled users and very close to the conversion for the advantage of budget optimization and ROI.

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Real Time BiddingReal Time Bidding is a new communication opportunity, increasingly adopted in the world, which allows advertisers to get advertising in real time31/12/2019E-Business Consulting