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Facebook Marketing Activity

How to engage users on Facebook creating a viral journey through platform

Facebook Marketing activities continue to be expanding, thanks to the steady growth of "social quintessentially", even considering the playful approach needed to engage users.

Facebook can also be imagined as a big bar where we are drinking a cocktail and chatting amiably with friends. If anyone who wants to sell arrives ... it is definitely not well accepted.
At the same time, we can see an aging of Facebook's core target, the average age has risen to about 35 years, while young people are increasingly attracted by other social innovations.

Finding solutions that are appropriate to target goal to engage Facebook users is becoming more and more difficult, and in our opinion it is necessary to create an incentive goal to achieve the hoped-for results.
At the same time FAN's Facebook acquisition strategies carried out by many companies and well-known brands have become more and more expensive since they lack the full visibility of FAN records, on the one hand, to inform users of various initiatives through the Facebook page you need to buy ads on FB to give visibility to posts. is a web app useful for the promotion of games and online competitions, characterized by a mechanism that exploits, at the same time, the social component and the plaything component. Users can try free of charge test for the purpose of leisure and share them with Facebook so they can engage their friends.

The underlying objective of's mechanism is to intercept target users through either a playful test or the type of product that you want to promote on Facebook to generate a collection of ad hoc records. Some examples of quizzes? "Who Will Win X Factor 2016?" Or "Which Game of Thrones house Do You belong?" Until you get to: "Rate Your Favorite Saint"

Game customization and the ability to delineate the target in promoting Facebook's activity on, can optimize advertising spending on quiz spreading, by involving audience potentially more interested in the proposed topics, increasing the chances of sharing.

Through you can activate ad hoc initiatives to replace a generic name and surname of a Facebook brand FAN with a complete record to embark on an integrated CRM strategy with omnicanal and multi-touch point.

Do not miss the opportunity and ask E-Business Consulting for a free quote for a Facebook Marketing activity with and check out the results you will be able to get.

Facebook Marketing ActivityHow to engage users on Facebook creating a viral journey through platform 5/08/2019E-Business Consulting