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Digital ADV Audit

Digital Advertising Audit is an ad hoc solution offered to companies that need to optimize their digital activities.

Since 2003, our experience in the digital world taught us, managing different types of communication campaigns and clients in B2B and B2C sectors, that we are working in a world without absolute certainties and to continue to create targeted analyzes to graft continuous processes of performance optimization is the most profitable way.

Only a qualified partner can evaluate the performances achieved by analyzing activities, digital tools and budgets allocated in the last 12-24 months considering the evolution of the market and the new advance tools.

In the last market survey on digital investment data, emerged that companies now invest nearly 70% of the advertising budget available on Google and Facebook.These two giants, leaders in the web, continue to have important evolutions with the methods offered, user engagement and tools available to improve performances and results.

At the same time, users' ways of interacting with digital tools continue to change, and even the same tools available undergo important developments that can completely change results and performance.

The proliferation of touch points available today requires more and more integrated ways of engaging users online and offline for an integrated and omnichannel marketing strategy. Challenge and systematically transform itself is one of the basic requirements to analyzing data such as user access modes, desktop or mobile, landing pages used, duration of visit sessions, conversion and abound rates, bounce rates.

Each instrument becomes a fundamental factor for engaging improvement processes. For example, the correct set up of Google Analytics, the most used tracking tools, offers the possibility to analyze all the activities's users: checking the navigation route, analyzing the abandonment rate, defining the time of stay, establishing the number of conversions.

With the different advertising tools avoiding stopping at the typical "Google last click win" setting. In this dynamic context, the audit proposed by E-Business Consulting, becomes a strategic tool to understand the quality of work done so far.

Intercept new opportunities, rationalize advertising investments and improve KPI performance. Call E-Business Consulting for an Advertising Audit, jointly define the perimeters of the analysis and immediately improve your online advertising performance. Request your free quote now.

Digital Adv AuditGoogle Audit represents an interesting opportunity for all companies who want to optimize their advertising investments and all the strategic activities on the Internet 5/08/2019E-Business Consulting