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Social Media Marketing in Italy

How to set a Social Media Marketing strategy in Italy with a local support of certified Marketing Agency to maximize your ROI

Organize a social media marketing strategy is becoming an essential and unavoidable element for any company or brand that wants to expand the customer base, wants to create a dialogue with consumers and want to experiment new business opportunities.

The starting point is the definition of a strategy and a target audience, both B2C or B2B, and to the use of off-line and on-line media. If there is not a properly set up of the platforms, investment on social networks can be a waste of money.

Analyzing the data of the Digital report 2018, in Italy, 73% of the population is online (43 million people), and 34 million of these, are active users of social networks. Italians spend about 6 hours a day on the Internet, twice the time spent on watching TV, and 2 hours are spent in social media platforms.

The three Social Network most used in Italy are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, among these, there are also WhatsApp and Facebook Messanger as a messaging app.

Whit this change of hierarchy, we can underline the two major revolutions: the importance of social messaging today and the change of the more viral content on the Internet.

The first change, is bringing a great opportunity for companies that can get in direct contact with their consumers. Regular and potential customers use these platforms to ask questions to companies, give feedback, buy and take appointments. According to studies:

  • 56% of users would prefer to exchange a text message through Facebook rather than calling the company’s customer service
  • 71% have a strong preference for personalized messages through Facebook Messenger by a company
  • More than 50% prefer to make purchases with a company that can exchange messages in real time

The second element shows us how today a video or a story (storytelling) helps users to better assimilate the adv message.

But the great breakthrough in Video Marketing came with the advent of live and ephemeral (usable for up to 24 hours) content, available on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Forbes reports that 80% of consumers would prefer to watch a live video of a brand rather than read a blog article.

For this reasons we see the birth of figures such as influencers, fundamental for many businesses that requires social networks. They are able to communicate in a genuine and native way with very large audiences. They integrate products/services in everyday life, so they can be a key strategy to reach those consumer that not appreciate traditional advertising.

As we said at the beginning, it is therefore essential to plan a solid strategy on social media marketing to understand the potential of these platform and to achieve the objectives of its business. In fact, more and more social networks are available to everyone and there are a lot of pages that produce too much content for too many fans, so it is necessary to be assisted in choosing the target segment, the most appropriate tools and the budget to allocate. We also want to underline that in social media it is necessary to be constantly experimenter on the methods of engagement, because of the continuous changes in platforms.

E-Business Consulting, with over 15 years of experience, can support your company in choosing the best growth path with social media based on your own business.

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Social Media Marketing in Italy

How to set a Social Media Marketing strategy in Italy with a local support of certified Marketing Agency to maximize your ROI 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting